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About Us

About Us

Because We care

We care for the society, protect their welfere. Leap Empowerment Development Initiative is a registered community based organization that operates and based in kajiado and Kiambu county. The organization is run and managed by highly motivated and amped young professionals who spearhead the projects with the mission to empower, inspire and equip communities by providing training, skills and tools for individual growth and community transformation.

since the 1500s, when an un known printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting,


To empower, inspire and equip
communities by providing training, the
skills and tools for individual growth and community transformation.


To implement sustainable programs that empowers and transforms communities.

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We receive donations from individuals, governments and organizations of good will.

Our Core Values


Ledi-Kenya is committed to creating opportunities and creative solutions by exploring unchartered opportunities for growth and sustainability of food production.


Ledi-Kenya is committed to honour and highly value the people we serve, relationship we build, partners, local communities and other stakeholders.


We will be transparent, accountable, honest and very much consistent to the local households and communities we serve towards achieving our mission.


Ledi-Kenya seats in 2 sub-committees of the National Transformation Technical Working Group (NTTWG) under the ministry of Agriculture;

  1. Program Planning and Resource Mobilization
  2. Production

We have served and partenered in a number of activities that bring joy to us

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Our Pillars


Promotion and development of entrepreneurial and life changing ideas to economically change households life.


We deliver our programs with a long term development approach.


To the needs of the members and the community practice.


Timely and cost- effective in delivering our programs


Proficient in delivering organization programs and services.

Our Strategic goals

To positively impact the lives of small scale farmers to enhance food production and eventually promote food security and proper nutrition for the households

Build capacities of households to grow their own food using the Good agricultural Practices (GAP) through training

Train small scale farmers on organic bio-intensive agriculture to promote sustainability of food production

Further strengthen the position of Ledi-Kenya as the preferred partner for food security in Kenya and the region

Identify and explore opportunities for Ledi-Kenya to grow through attracting increased and diversified funding sources

Grow the capacity of Ledi-Kenya operations in research and implementation of its programs

Ensure efficient, effective and economic allocation and utilization of Ledi-Kenya resources.

Our Approach

We work in partnership with county and national governments, donors, other stakeholders and local communities to complement food production for a better and healthy living for local households.

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Meet Our Team

Ledi-Kenya utilizes local youthful expertise to ensure proper implementation of its programs. Our d edicated staff is integral to the success of Ledi-Kenya mission and its key objectives.