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Sustainable and climate smart agriculture

Under this program, we implement two projects which involve training small scale farmers on the 8 bio-intensive method of agriculture, these are;

  1. Establishing kitchen gardens in both primary and secondary schools and homesteads for households to sustains themselves.
  2. Agribusiness: Training of community active groups of women and youths to gain adequate farming skills for self-reliance.

Cheka na Mtoto ”( Smile with a kid)

Ledi-Kenya endeavors to see a happy and healthy child at all times. We recognize the fact that mentoring programs can be effective tools for enhancing the positive development of children and young people. Mentored children and young people are likely to have fewer absences from school, better attitudes towards school, and fewer incidents of hitting others, less drug and alcohol use, more positive attitudes toward their elders, improved relationships with their parents and community at large, making them contributing members of the society and creating a firm foundation for building a better future generations.

Under this program:

  1. We visit children’s homes, primary and secondary schools, school drop-outs at their homes and kids on the street to listen to them and share on life experiences, and we then offer appropriate mentorship on positive living. We assist them in gaining skills in smart farming through bio-intensive agriculture for those with gardens, especially at school and school drop-outs.
  2. We do mentorship to them on current issues affecting young people like media, drug abuse, reproductive health and career development, peer pressure, life skills and how to handle stress and depression.

Policy, Lobby and Advocacy

We partner with other like-minded organizations and institutions to lobby for development or review of policies, standards and regulations that do not favor the communities we serve. Through policy, lobby and advocacy, Ledi-Kenya’s mission is to get the attention of the government and other key stakeholders to address pertinent issues that are unfavorable to communities, groups and individuals where our programs operate.

Entrepreneurship and Income Generating Activities (IGAs)

Under this program, Ledi-Kenya endeavors to use participatory methods to assist women and youth groups to establish sustainable income generating activities and promote their entrepreneurial skills, geared towards profitability of their projects, which is always a major objective of many self help women and youth groups.

Our focus is to ensure that potential IGAs should concern activities where women and young people can use skills they already possess, so that the IGAs correspond to their needs to design viable projects especially on home gardens (kitchen gardening) and animal production.

We are committed to ensure that identification of IGAs should come from a bottom-up approach, where, local groups identify problems and focus on project planning and implementation to enhance ownership.

Ledi-Kenya do careful feasibility study without raising expectations of local communities and facilitate community trainings to women and young people to encourage savings, design viable projects and encourage them to establish revolving funds to enable them attain self-reliance and increase the wellbeing their families.

Environmental Conservation

Ledi-Kenya is dedicated to protection, preservation and restoration of natural environments through tree planting and forest rehabilitation.
We believe that protection of natural environment should improve the livelihoods of local people and human health. Through community mobilization, we ensure that local people play an active role for the best care and management of natural resources.

Save Children From Hunger

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